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The History and Creation of Piedmont CA

September 4th, 2010

The History and Creation of Piedmont CA The area grew largely from wealthy San Franciscans fleeing the devastation after the Great Quake of 1907.  Families relocated to the area seeking privacy, good weather and views of the greater San Francisco Bay. Residents originally sought incorporation in 1907. Two elections were held among the citizens of […]

Home Remodeling in Piedmont CA

August 5th, 2010

Buying a home in Piedmont CA is an achievement on its own.  Now add a home addition or remodel to it and the task may seem impossible.  Architectural limitations, the design review process, obtaining permits, city inspections and hiring a good contractor are all important considerations. This coming Tuesday August 10, 2010 at 7:30 PM, two individuals […]

Homes Sold in Upper Rockridge Q1 2010

April 17th, 2010

 This Upper Rockridge real estate sales report covers single family homes that have sold in Oakland’s Upper Rockridge district during the fourth quarter of 2009. Brian Santilena is a resident  and has been selling Upper Rockridge 1998.  If you would like more details about buying or selling in Upper Rockridge please call Brian directly at […]

Lakeshore and Grand Lake neighborhoods in Oakland CA

March 19th, 2010

The Lakeshore Ave and Grand Lake neighborhoods in Oakland CA offers many of the semi-urban amenities that today’s homebuyers are looking for.  This video will give you a brief glimpse of some of the areas terrific features.  If you’d like more information please don’t hesitate to contact me directly. LOCATION: Lakeshore Avenue runs along the […]

Buying a home in Oakland’s Oakmore district with Brian Santilena

February 26th, 2010

I met Pete after he contacted me via my website.  He was interested in the prospect of purchasing a home.  He didn’t know the details or the process so we sat down together for a “Buyers 101” together.  We went over every aspect of the Home Buying Process.  Pete left the meeting fully informed with […]

Free Hazardous Waste Disposal for Oakland and Piedmont CA

February 8th, 2010

When preparing an Oakland Hills or Piedmont home for sale it is likely that you have a shelf or cabinet full of old paints, solvents, strippers, oil etc.  Disposal of hazardous waste materials in Oakland is quite easy.  The Oakland Hazardous Waste Disposal Facility is open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 9 AM to […]

Montclair Village & real estate Oakland CA

November 28th, 2009

The Montclair district is nestled in the Oakland Hills, above Hwy 13 and South of the Hwy 24 Caldecott Tunnel.  It’s zip code is 94611.  The northern portion of Montclair was burned and rebuilt after the Oakland Hills firestorm and now offers outstanding newer construction view properties.  The southern portion of Montclair offers home largely […]

Neighborhood and district names for homes in Oakland, Berkeley and Piedmont Hills California

February 3rd, 2009

The Oakland Hills, Berkeley Hills and Piedmont real estate area is comprised of many colorful neighborhoods, each with their own names such as Montclair, Rockridge, Croker Highlands, Trestle Glen etc. I’m often asked to identify the most common neighborhood names used in real estate advertising so that home Buyers can identify their general areas of interest. Well, here you […]

Prevent crime in Oakland Hills, Berkeley Hills and Piedmont CA

February 3rd, 2009

No matter what neighborhood you live in, Piedmont, Montclair, Rockridge, Glenview, Elmwood, Oakland Hills, Berkeley Hills, small, big, good or bad, it’s always nice to feel secure in your surroundings. One way to achieve this is to keep an eye on things for your neighbors and to know that your neighbors are keeping an eye […]

What Does “AS-IS” Really Mean?

February 25th, 2008

In the Oakland Berkeley real estate marketplace it is not uncommon to see “As-Is” referenced in the advertising remarks. In my opinion the As-Is term is used a little to often. The meaning of As-Is really depends on where you are in the sales transaction. Before an offer is accepted (the Marketing period) As-Is means […]