Brian Santilena Local Real Estate Expert with Pacific Union

Brian Santilena is your real estate resource for residential properties in Oakland, Piedmont and Berkeley CA.  He is readily available to help you when looking to purchase or sell a home in the greater Oakland, Piedmont and Berkeley areas.  As shared on YELP and his Client Testimonial page, you’ll see that Brian provides exceptional service to his clients during all phases of the real estate process.  He is a great communicator, he’s direct  and he’s always attentive.  Even in an ever changing real estate environment that’s filled with complex negotiations, a turbulent lending climate and the need for highly aggressive marketing, it is nice to know that Brian is available as a steady, knowledgeable and professional real estate guide.  Brian Santilena is a proud member of Real-Estate-Agents.com, Christies International Real Estate and the Council of Residential Specialists.


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The Oakland, Piedmont and Berkeley areas offer many outstanding neighborhoods to choose from.  The East Bay is simply a great place to live, play, shop and dine.  Brian is passionate about the East Bay and its unique real estate environment.  Questions about the community are encouraged so please feel free to get in touch with Brian or follow the community via Brian’s HomesInTheEastBayHills Facebook page.


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